Saturday, 1 December 2012

Click N Learn

What is Click N Learn ?

Click N Learn is a FUN website for students to learn English language . Trust me, its so ENJOYABLE ! Besides, students may also learn and practice their French, Spanish and Italian.

How it operates ?

1. Visit .
2. Click ' Enter site' .
3. Choose English ( simply because you're teaching English ! )
4. Choose menu
5. Choose activities based on your students' level. : easy, intermediate and difficult.

Advantages :

1. Consists of index units and contents. It gives information of what activities suitable for students' levels.  It is convenient for teachers to  choose the suitable content for the students.

2. Printable documents. It can be good resources for teachers

3. Activities based on students level : easy, intermediate and difficult

4. The topic for activities are interesting. For instance, anorexia and teen violence. These issues are are interesting and related to students' life.

5. Promotes independent learning. Students can visit the website at their free time to improve their English.

6. Enhances students' knowledge. Students may enhance their knowledge on a particular topic . For instance, global warming. Students may aware that the greenhouse effect causes global warming to occur. Besides that, this website also help to create students awareness on the consequences and solutions to this issue.

7. Helps to improve students' pronunciation.

8. Its freeee !

Friday, 30 November 2012


What is Dvolver ?

Dvolver is a website of online moviemaker .  This website allows students to create their own moviemaker! Its is so EASY for students to make their own online moviemaker ! Students just need to choose beautiful background and suitable characters before creating their own dialogue.

Easy steps to produce your own Dvolver :

1. Go to dvolver website,
2. Choose background  and a sky for your moviemaker  ( e.g romantic bubble  and psychedelic )
3. Select a plot .
4. Choose characters for your dialogue !
5. Put in your dialogue into the characters
6. Choose the title for your moviemaker.
7. Your moviemaker is ready ! You can email it to your teacher

How Dvolver promotes language learning ?

1. MOTIVATING . The visual effect of Dvolver may attract students to learn English.
2. Enhance students sociolingusitic competence. Students may choose suitable background and characters for their dialogue.
3. AUTONOMOUS LEARNING. Students can create their own moviemaker. They make the decision to decide the background, plot and characters for their dialogue. In addition, students may also create dvolver during their free time.

Advantages :

1. FUN. It is a fun way to visualize your dialogue.
2. COLOURFUL. The background and characters are colourful which can stimulate students interest to create their own moviemaker.
3. Can be shared. Students can send their dvolver to the teacher. They can also embed this moviemaker on their blog.
3. This website is FREE ! * NO hidden charges.

Disadvantages :

1. Limited background and sky . There are just few numbers of backgrounds and skies that students can choose. The backgrounds and skies available may not suitable for students' dialogue. This may demotivate students to create their own moviemaker.

2. Several characters are inappropriate for the students. For  example, there is a character of topless man which is not suitable for students. There is also the character of a cowboy girl with inappropriate dress code.

3. Limited dialogue. Each character is only limited to three exchanges.

4. Could not add tour own voice. In my opinion, this moviemaker would be more interesting if students can add on their voice to the characters.

5. Limited movie title design. There are just four movie title designs for students to choose.

P/S : Teachers , you can check on my dvolver given which entitled ' a pleasant surprise ' .

Friday, 2 November 2012



What is Storybird ?
 Storybird is a writing tool which allows students to create their own story. It enhances students creative skills and triggers them to write more !

Simple steps to create your own Storybird : ]

1.  Sign up for free at

2. Read a few of Storybirds to get inspired !

3. Choose your own theme ( believe me , there are lots of themes can be chosen ).

4. Create your own storybird !

5. Publish your Storybird. ( It can be either public or private)

6. Share your Storybird through emails or blogs. Your Storybird is  also PRINTABLE !

Reasons for using Storybird :

1.  FREE !

2. Beautiful and adorable illustrations which trigger students to write.

3. An initiative to get reluctant writers to write.

4. Encourages students to read their own writings as well as others.

5. Promotes pair work. Students can create their Storybird in pairs.

6. Share-able : email, blogs and photocopiable.

7. Promotes autonomous learning. Students can actually do their own Storybird during their ample time.

My brainshark

What is Brainshark ?

Brainshark is a COOL website that promotes online video presentations. This website enables you to upload your presentations in various formats such as Powerpoint, documents, photos and video clips. MORE INTERESTINGLY, you can add up your VOICE in your website. COOL, right ?


1) Log on to
2) Sign up for the brainshark account ( so simple, just enter your email and password ! )
3) Create your own brainshark ! You can upload your Powerpoint, video clips, photos or documents.
4) Add in the AUDIO!  You can record your own voice using your phone or by using your laptop !
5) Your Brainshark is READY!

How Brainshark promotes language learning ?

1) Motivating. Brainshark may motivate students to learn English as it is an interesting way for students to use English language. For example, teacher may set an interesting topic such as ' What I Did Last Summer' . Students may produce their own brainshark through various medium such as  powerpoint , photos or video clips of their summer activities. This makes their learning experience more interesting and motivating.

2) Promotes Autonomous Learning . Brainshark promotes learners' autonomy. Students can make their own decision which medium should be used for their presentations. Students can also use this website at their free time. They can practice their presentation skill and speaking skill.

3) Enhances students speaking skills. Students can record their own voice. This enables students to correct their pronunciation and grammar mistakes in speaking.

Advantages :

1. This cool software is FREE !
2. Students can share their presentations through emails and social networks.
3. FAST . You just have to wait for few seconds to upload your presentations .
4. EASILY ACCESS. This website has mobile applications for Apple and Android users. They can download this application in their phones or iPad.
5. INTERESTING. A new way for students enhance their speaking skills and pronunciation.

Disadvantages :

1. Limited internet connection
2. Focuses more on pronunciation. A good presentation evolves many other features such as body gestures and eye contact.


What is INTERVUE ?
INTERVUE is a useful learning tool for English language learners to practice their oral skills.
This tool enables students to create their own recording. Sounds interesting ?
Trust me, this tool is fun and simple for both teacher and students.
How it operates ?
2. Teacher may choose an interesting intervue topic such as ' Life in Malaysia'.
3. Teacher may elicit a few of intervue questions . for example, ' what do you like to eat ?  and How does life in the UK differ compare to Malaysia ?
4. Now, its time for students to record !
Advantages :
1. Promotes real communication among students.
2. Motivates students to talk - Students does not to be nervous or embarassed since they are only talking to the webcam !
3. Boost students confident
4. The recordings can be parts of self assessment for students. Students may improve by watching their own recordings.
5. Oral exercise.  Students can practice their oral skill during their leisure time.
6. You may RE-RECORD if you're not satisfied !
Disadvantages :
  1. May not suitable for advanced learners. They might feel talking to a webcam is not challenging.
2. Need to have a strong internet connection.
 3. Students may tend to read a script rather than spontaneous talking

Breaking News English

Breaking News English is a really useful website for English teachers . It provides interesting activities which can make an interesting lesson plan.
Sample lesson plan :
2. Choose a topic for your lesson. For example, ' Sandy asks new climate change questions'.
3. Play the recording. Ask students to listen and understand the gist of the recording.
4. Jumble up activity. Test students' ability to connect sentences.
5. Missing letter activity. This can be done in pair. Each pair needs to guess the missing letter of the recording text.
6. Interview questions. Teacher elicits ideas from students.
7. Students discuss their interview questions in pair.
8. Students discuss their questions with another pair.
Advantages :
1. Promotes autonomous learning among students. Students work in pairs in order to accomplish the activity.
2. Improves students' speaking and listening skills.
3. FREE website.
4. A new lesson will be uploades every three days.
5. Lessons are on the current issues.
6. Photocopiable lesson.
7. Lessons based on interesting themes such as health, enivironment and lifestyle.

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Wordsift vs Wordle

Wordsift vs Wordle

Wordsift and wordle can be referred as ' word clouds'. It is a useful tool to help students to learn vocabulary in a very interesting way !

How it operates ?

1. Go to  ( WORDSIFT ) or ( WORDLE ).

2. Copy and paste the text on the website.

3. The tool will automatically identify the prominent vocabularies found in the text. #

4. Teacher can use the vocabularies in the lesson.

Which tool is better ?

There is no definite anwer for this question. It is based on teachers' and students' preferences. Both these tools have their own strengths which will be discussed below.

Advantages of wordsift :

  • Provides an interesting pre-reading activity. For example, teachers may use the vocabularies for students to guess the gist of a reading text.

  • The vocabulary can be organize. For example, teacher may organize the vocabulary from common to rare. In addition, teacher may also organize vocabulary alphabetically.

  • Wordsift contain images which can help teacher to conduct his/her activity.#

  • It is provided with thesaurus.

Advantages of Wordle:

  • Teacher or students can create their own wordle based on their creativities.

  • Teacher or students are given two choices ; copy and paste the text or copy the url of a website or blog. It is more convenient !

  • Your wordle can be printed out.

  • Your wordle can be saved.

  • Suitable for pair work activity. For instance information gap activity in which students may predict each other's wordle.

  • Interesting pre-reading activity. The colourful layout and themes may trigger students interest for the lesson.

So, as teachers we may choose either of these tools based on our students' needs.